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About Refine

Refine Dance Studio was founded by Briana Fallon in August of 2020. Located in Danvers, Massachusetts right on Route 1 North, Refine offers dance classes to all ages, ranging from preschoolers to adults, in many different styles. Here at Refine, we want everyone to be the best that they can be. We achieve this by having a welcoming, respectful, and nourishing environment in and out of the studio. Every dancer that walks through our door will be encouraged, supported, and cared for throughout their time at Refine. We constantly strive to do better for our faculty, students, and community to ensure that we can provide a premier dance education to all. 


About the space

  • 17ft by 35ft sprung Marley floor

  • Waiting area for parents and storage for dancers' belongings

  • 2 Gender Neutral bathrooms

  • Heat and Air Conditioning Systems

  • Parking available right out front of the studio

Available for rent please email with inquiries.

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