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The Dancer's Blog

Briana Fallon

owner of Refine

I'm very excited to introduce you to our newest website addition: The Dancer's Blog.


The initial idea for a blog came to me when I was hearing teen students chatter negatively about their own appearance. "I don't want to wear a leotard today because I look fat", "I just want to be skinny", "I'm so anxious I can't make it to dance today", "I'm going on a diet", "I throw up on purpose". It broke my heart to hear teenagers saying these things, and yet, I remember feeling this way when I was a little older than them. So, I decided to write about my personal experience to let them know they're not alone.

On top of body image, this blog page is designed to offer tools many dancers have questions about. From nutrition to fitness, to style, to recovery: we plan to tackle it all!

I hope you find some value in this blog page. Growing up, I would google different things I had questions about. My goal is to provide some of those google-worthy searches right here for you.


XO, Briana


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