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Tuition & Sessions

Ballet Dancers

Spring 2023 Tuition

Spring 2023 Session:
January 2nd - June 3rd

Payment Plan
5 installments are due on the 1st of each month 
(January, February, March, April, May)
The portal will do auto-payment tuition each month.

How to pay...

Tuition is payable online through the
sign up portal.


1 Hour Classes

1 class/week: $80/installment ($400/session) 

2 classes/week: $150/installment ($750/session) 

3 classes/week: $220/installment ($1,100/session) 

4 classes/week: $290/installment ($1,450/session) 

5 classes/week: $360/installment ($1,800/session) 

6 classes/week: $430/installment ($2,150/session) 

7 classes/week: $500/installment ($2,500/session) 

8 classes/week: $570/installment ($2,850/session)  

Specialty Classes

1.5 hour class: $100/installment ($500/session)

45 min class: $75/installment ($375/session)

30 min class: $60/installment ($300/session)

Spring 2023 Calendar- Important Dates

February Break

April Break

Spring Concert June 4th

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