refine: making small adjustments for large improvements

Our Mission

At Refine, we focus on technique, artistic integrity, and exploring individuals’ passion for dance. Our main goal at Refine is to turn each dancer into the best dancer they can be.


Amy C.

"Refine is such a great place for your little ones to attend. Briana shows compassion and heart when teaching the little ones. My 3 year old daughter does not stop raving about her class hours after attending. From the second you walk in, you are treated like family and feel like you have been there forever."

Lauren M.

"As an older dancer, I especially love the whole philosophy of Refine Dance Studio, making long-term change through small, manageable adjustments. Briana is such a marvelous instructor - she makes dancing fun, and yet she always gives terrific tips on both style and technique, and her bubbly enthusiasm makes every class sheer joy."

Rita S.

"My daughter loves this class! Briana worked hard to make her comfortable and find the right fit for her ability."

Carla M.

"Dancing at REFINE has become a highlight of my week. I have always loved to dance, and as an adult, I found it very difficult to find quality adult classes in the North Shore Area. I am so impressed at the quality of teaching, the inclusivity of the classes, and the varied styles that are available to the adults at REFINE. This is a wonderful place to be and I hope someday to send my own children here!"

Julie K.

"After a long while spent looking for beginner adult tap dancing classes and beginner adult ballet classes, I finally found Refine. Ellen and Briana are so inspiring, encouraging, and thankfully, patient. It is easy to see they love what they do. I would happily recommend Refine for anyone and everyone who has an interest in dance".

Shauwna G.

"Refine is a welcoming and safe space for dancers of all backgrounds and abilities. The variety of class offerings means there is something for everyone, and the rate at which this company has grown is proof that this is an amazing place to dance. The new studio space is beautiful and has allowed for slightly bigger classes, which adds to the sense of community I get here. I’ve also always felt safe dancing in person here through the pandemic. It’s been a real lifeline to have somewhere to be one day a week where I will actually see people and do an activity together! I am so glad I reconnected with that passion for dance I used to have, and over the moon that Refine is part of that journey!"